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United Marine has begun construction on a number of Explosion Resistant Buildings. These units were designed for ExxonMobil and other refineries, as well as offshore rigs and platforms.
explosion resistant buildings

Protect your workers by providing them a safe, comfortable enclosed environment -

The StrongBox.

  • On-Site Offices

  • On-Site Living Quarters

  • On-Site Meeting Rooms

The StrongBox is a versatile modular unit that provides safe temporary or permanent living quarters and offices for workers in a hazardous blast zone area.

Engineered specifically for the oil and gas industry, the StrongBox is available with a rating of 8.0 psi to 12.0 psi. The extra strong unit also guards against airborne carcinogens and toxic fumes.

The StrongBox can be designed and built to the size of your preference with a variation of floor plans and amenities.

Work Safe.
Be Protected.

Designed for use in

Offshore Platforms
    & Drilling Units
Construction Sites
Hazardous Duty

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