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UM 250 Jackup Rig

Production Platform

Explosion Resistant
Housing and Offices

Inland Deck Barge

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United Marine has begun construction on a number of Explosion Resistant Buildings. These units were designed for ExxonMobil and other refineries, as well as offshore rigs and platforms. more info
Marine engineering and design
staff supports all projects
United Marine employs a complete engineering and design staff to support each technical phase of your project. Our capabilities include professional engineering services relating to mobile offshore drilling units, barges and other marine structures:

- Structural design for new construction

- Structural design for modifications

- Investigation of certain damage conditions and preparation of repair requirements

- Blocking plans and calculations for dry dockings

Our team has the long-term experience and design tools to provide accurate, cost-effective designs to help you achieve your objectives.

We offer the following designs for new construction:

UM 250 Jackup Rig
     Mobile, mat-supported, self-elevating offshore drilling unit with cantilevered skid unit

Production Platform
     Self-setting platform for offshore drilling, production and storage

Explosion Resistant Housing & Offices
     Extra strong explosion resistant units provide uncompromised protection of personnel

Inland Deck Barge
     Double skin barge provides heavy duty framing and increased load capacity

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