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UM 250 Jackup Rig

Production Platform

Explosion Resistant
Housing and Offices

Inland Deck Barge

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United Marine has begun construction on a number of Explosion Resistant Buildings. These units were designed for ExxonMobil and other refineries, as well as offshore rigs and platforms. more info
um250 rig design
United Marine's UM 250 Rig Design incorporates upgrades and larger drilling load capacities into a proven design with four decades of service.

The UM 250 is a mobile, mat-supported, self-elevating offshore drilling unit with cantilevered skid unit. The design is capable of operating in water depths up to 250 feet and in a wide range of bottom conditions.

The UM 250 eliminates the need for time consuming pre-loading procedures going on location, or leg pulling delays getting off location.

Nominal Dimensions
Platform, ft
Mat, ft
    Number & Type
    Size, each
166 x 145 x 20
236 x 205 x 11

3 cylindrical
13 ft 0D x 321 ft
Nominal Capacities
Drilling Water
Fuel Oil
Potable Water
Liquid Mud
Bulk Mud & Cement
Bag Storage
Pipe Racks
Max. Variable Load
Max. Moving Variable Load
6,150 bbl
2,200 bbl
1,100 bbl
1,500 bbl
6,800 cu ft
3,600 sacks
1,200,000 lb
57 men
2,250 tons
1,850 tons
Operating Conditions
Still Water Depth, ft
Max. Wave Height, ft
Wave Period, sec
Design Wind Velocity, knots
Minimum Air Gap, ft

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